Russia was...


But if I (Melissa) had to describe it, I would use the words cold, smelly, dirty, and did I already say cold? With that aside, it was so amazing to see all the places and people that shaped Brandon's life. I've heard so many stories, but you really have to experience it to see what its really like. The freezing temperatures, bad food, and sleepless nights made it all worth it.

When we landed in Yekaterinburg, it was -1 degree. We definitely did not plan for that. I wore a travel blanket around the entire morning until we could make it to a rinok (market) and get a beanie and some super thick tights.

To get there, we walked through this cemetery that Brandon would always walk through. If you are thinking about producing a scary film, this is your place. The headstones were so unique and unlike anything I have ever seen.

It was in Russia that we had many unexpected but delightful adventures.
It was in Russia that I fell in love with Brandon in whole new way.
It was in Russia where I was reminded of how blessed I've been. And am.

So even though Russia is not a place of fancy architecture, food, or beautiful gardens, it will be a place that I'll always remember as unforgettable.

And with that, I'll let Brandon do the talking for the next little while.

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  1. Hi Melissa,I've enjoyed reading about your European Adventure. I didn't realize your Hubby served in Russia for his mission. Mine did too, Brent was in the Moscow Mission 96-98. Someday I'll get to visit too, and I'll take your outlook on it to heart.
    Thanks, Stephanie


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