My family nicknamed me Carmen after carmen San Diego because I have traveled the most of any of us. 

Now...Ihave 3 sidekicks to be adventurous with! 

Here's where the travel bug has taken us:  {click on the links for more trip details)

Newport Beach , June 2014

Balboa Island, June 2014

Yellowstone, August 2012

Sun River, Oregon June 2011

DC May 2011

Germany 2010

 Paris 2010 

 Prague 2010

 Switzerland 2010

 Russia 2010

Afton, Wyoming 2009

Colorado Summer 2008

New York City 2009
San Francisco 2009

 Oakland Temple 2009
 Manti, Utah 2009
Sanpete County, Utah 2009
New York Proposal 2008

Cancun Honeymoon 2008 

Crater Lake, Oregon Summer 2008

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  1. HI! I found you guys while looking around at sunset pics of all things. First of all, what a truly adorable couple. Sorry so corny... :) But then the trips! Wow! I just got back from Russia and have the same St. Basil's shot, but I'm loving all the others. Oh, if you had kids maybe the travel would slow down a bit, but maybe not? ha ha.


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