me and my girl + video

While the boys were off watching the BYU game, Evelyn and I had a little girls night. We painted toes (her first time!), went shopping, worked on some sewing projects, and added some finishing touches to her room. 

I'm really glad we got to have some one-on-one girl time. It's not often that I get devote all my attention to her. I can already tell we are going to have lots of fun together! Sometimes I still can't believe she's my little girl. 

And a little video if you care to see... It's only fair that I made a video of Evelyn after making one of Blake making pies last week. 


  1. Oh my! The pictures and the video are DARLING. Can't get enough of those cute little piggies! You're gonna make me baby hungry for a girl!

  2. I love miss E. & i miss seeing her. Let's do something together soon!

  3. Darling!! Evelyn is so cute!!

    I love when Lily has pink toes like me too :)

    Too cute!!


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