Us on the 23rd

This is us on our 32 month anniversary.

It was a splendid day. We went on an Easter picnic with Brandon's old roommates. Even though the weather wasn't that warm, we had lots of fun playing croquet, bocce, and chatting. I love seeing Brandon around his best friends. They have so much fun together and they really inspire each other to be better (don't mind the fact that Brandon is sitting on Nate's lap). I'm so grateful that he has good friends. And I love talking to Diana. She is a fiercely loyal mother and wife and a stellar example of Christlike attributes.

Our picnic was at Smoot Park, the place of our second, first date (after 2 years of being apart). We had to swing for a minutes and reminisce those fun dating days. 

April 23rd is also a special day for my family. 10 years ago my Mom passed away. It seems like it happened just yesterday and sometimes it feels like forever since I've seen her. We were able to visit her grave and reminisce on her wonderful life. We are so grateful we will get to see her again!

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  1. that is really special, Mel. Glad you celebrate the small and big moments in your life--you are an inspiration to ALL!!


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