3.14. "Pi" is what they call it in math class. "PIE" is how we celebrate it at our house.
We invited some of our friends over. We were too busy catching up with everyone to get any pictures, but here are a few pictures before we stuffed our faces.  

Since Blake was such a good baby today, I was able to whip up 3 pies for the occasion! (They were easy, don't give me too much credit. And all the decor was from last year's Pie Party) I made Triple Berry Threat, Toll House Cookie and Banana Toffee. I was especially proud of my first ever lattice-top pie! I've never been a huge pie fan, but I think I may be converted now.

Happy Pie Day!


  1. Wow your pies and decorations all look amazing! I always have D make the lattice top for me cause I'm not as talented as you! ;)

  2. Wow! I don't care how easy you say the pies were, I'm super impressed that you made 3 with a newborn. Your decorations and everything are always so cute!


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