blake {at three weeks}

Blake is 3 weeks old. I now understand what people mean when they say that it is hard to remember what life was like without a baby. It feels like we have always had him in our family, yet just three weeks ago we were meeting him for the first time. He has already changed so much! We take each day as it comes since he has no predictable schedule,but we kind of like it that way. We love having him hang out with us!

Things to remember:
-He is spitting up a lot!
-He has the most sweet and content spirit
-Almost out of newborn size clothes :(
-Loves his binki
-Loves being held and can sleep for hours that way
-Sleeps good in his pack n'play
-Already look so different than when he was born (newborn pics will be proof)
-Kristin, Blaine and Hyrum finally met Blake! Kristin spent the night, cleaned our bathroom, made us dinner and cookies, and stayed up with Blake. Oh, what are we to do now that our visitors are gone? We've been spoiled! 

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