happy 27!

In honor of Brandon's birthday, here are 27 things I love about him: 

1. I love that he always scrapes the snow off my car
2. I love that he lets me take naps...still
3. I love how he is super determined and will figure anything out he doesn't know
4. I love that he gets along well with my family
5. I love that he always does an awesome garden for us
6. I love that he likes cooking with me
7. I love how much he loves sharing the gospel
8. I love that he loves hosting parties with me
9. I love that the young men love him
10. I love? that he is already the cool parent
11. I love that he will drop anything to help anyone in need
12. I love how he makes me laugh
13. I love his nightly tradition of listening to 11:20 at 11:20
14. I love his entrepreneurial spirit
15. I love how he can make anyone feel comfortable and welcome
16. I love that he fixes my computer and helps me with techy stuff
17. I love how he is not afraid to change diapers
18. I love that he remembers peoples' names instantly
19. I love taking road trips and traveling together
20. I love that we have a blast shopping together
21. He will do crazy furniture projects with me
22. I love that he loves reading our blog
23. I love that he will always kill the spiders
24. I love that he still reads the BOM and prays in Russian
25. I love that he helps out with laundry and dishes
26. I love that we are parents together!
27. I love that he is mine forever! I am so lucky!


  1. Oh wait. I lied. This is your last present because I know how much you love new blog posts

  2. Looks like you had a great bday Brandon and a fun St. Pats too. Cute pictures of Blake.


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