my definition of a successful day

In my short time being a mom, I have quickly learned that there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything I want or "should". That is why I have redefined what my "successful" day is. 
I hope to make time for these 5 S's and anything beyond that will just be a bonus.

why these 5 S's will define a "successful" day: 
scriptures: my days are always better when I read them. period.
shower: even if I can't do my hair all pretty, a quick shower makes a world of difference
sunshine: fresh air makes me happy; this can also include workout time
supper: when we have a good dinner, we are both happier. hope to be better at meal planning.
service: most of my time is going to be focused on blake. having this on my "to-do" list 
won't make me feel bad if I don't get anything else done besides take care of his needs.


  1. Love this...mind if I adopt this routine here soon? Hugs to you & Blake!

  2. You are so wise! Blake is a lucky baby to have such a smart mom. :)

  3. Those are great priorities. Its true with one and even more true with more! Somedays its just the bare minimum and other days its more. But finding what keeps you sane and happy is important with a newborn who requires so much!


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