favorite baby items

Just so I don't forget for the next time around, these are some products that have been life-savers around our house lately...(thanks to lots of you who recommended them!)

1.Oxi Clean-without fail, Blake has blow-outs every Monday. But with this amazing spray, getting those poop stains out doesn't require that much effort. Plus, I can't complain that he is already on-board with my laundry schedule (and a reminder that I probably shouldn't eat so many treats over the weekend :)
2.Adan + Anais swaddle blankets- these are the perfect weight and size to swaddle the little guy without him getting to hot.
3.Munchkin bottle brush-since he takes Zantac for acid reflux twice a day, we go through lots of bottles filled with breast milk and his medicine. I feel like such a sneeky mom. It's like hiding spinach in lasagne.
4.Wubba Nub- when we first received this as a gift, I thought it was the strangest thing and nearly cut the binki off. However, it has become the BEST thing. First, it makes it so when the binki drops, it doesn't bounce to some hard-to-reach place. Second, we never lose the binki. Third, and probably the cutest thing is that Blake will move around his hands a little to push the binki back into his mouth by pushing on the dog. It's got to be good for his motor skill development. And it rests perfectly on his chest helping it to stay in his mouth. Okay, you get the point. Like I said, such a great invention. I'm a fan. (And maybe I should get a royalty for hyping it up so much!)
5.Boppy-I haven't used this too much for nursing, but Blake loves chilling in it; also great to keep him up after he eats.
6.Bibs-can never have too many. We go through several a day.
7.Gentle Naturals Tummy Soother- even though he doesn't have colic, sometimes I can tell his tummy is just a little upset. This helps get rid of the hiccups and uncomfortableness. Love that its au-naturale.

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