memorial day weekend

We've had lots of fun around here lately. And this is going to be another long post to prove it.

::On Friday, we had one last get together with Em + Kyle + Hudson before they left. It's a given that we had yummy party food and got in a great game of Bang. Who shot the Sheriff??

balding blake busting out of his swaddle and his favorite nyc aunt
::The weather put a damper on our plans to go to the Real Salt Lake game on Saturday, so instead we cuddled up with blankets and watched it at home. I also got to go to the Temple for the first time since Blake was born. I love it there.

::On Sunday we celebrated our engagement anniversary. We made whole wheat veggie pizza while reminiscing that fun day and then watched Enchanted.
yes, that is our Serafina bag from four years ago. i bring it out every year because i'm all sentimental like that. and i printed that central park image from pinterest. i'm going to frame it for our bathroom.
re-creating the cheesy ring pic from Serafina's. blake was asleep so we had lots of time to reminisce.
::We started Memorial Day off with a family run and then headed up the canyon to Silver Lake. The air was crisp, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, but we were surprised to find snow on the trail still! We didn't let that stop us. We trudged through it anyway and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
all ready to go. thanks aunt hollie for the cute hoodie!

 Funny story about this family photo. We saw a guy on the bench with a very fancy camera. He looked like he knew what he was doing so we asked him to take our picture for us. As soon as he said yes, I recognized his voice and knew I knew him from somewhere. After he took a few pictures, I finally realized he was my dermatologist way back in the day when acne was getting the best of me. I told him I was a patient of his and among other things he said, "Well, you look good." I just had to laugh at his comment.  Brandon told me afterwards he wanted to thank him for my pretty little face. Oh, what a funny run-in.

It was so beautiful. I really hope we make it to the mountains a lot this summer.

::To end our Memorial Day, we had a bbq with Grandma and Grandpa Sunday and the Sohms.
blake and aunt nicole

brandon and Ty
And now we are looking forward to a relaxing week so we can recoup from all this partying! 

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