nerd night + movie night + all the rest

I just realized how long it has taken me to post about King Camp. It's probably because I take way too many pictures with my family (that is one of my family's favorite things to do--not always a good thing.) Here is the rest of the King Camp. Kind of like the outtakes that don't fit into any sort of specific post.

Aunt Sarah tries to instill her love for fire hydrants into Blake.  
Emme always loses the bubble game. That's okay. It's fun to see how much she adores Blake. 

Playing a prank on those who fell asleep. 

a 14-scoop ice cream platter: our reward for being alive after pulling off family pictures 
Sar + Hol planned nerd night. Their outfits were the bomb dot com. 
I'm lucky to have such fun siblings! We are nerds. 
K + B planned an outdoor movie the last night. So fun minus the sprinklers going off. 


  1. So Fun! I've loved reading about your King Camp!

  2. you guys are so fun. i love the nerd night!


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