our visit with the gibbs

I met lots of great people when I was a nanny in Germany, but perhaps my favorite family was the Gibbs. They were my American friends, the ones who I could visit on a Sunday night for warm chocolate chip cookies and games. Jen and I would stay up late making cards and either drive me home (so I wouldn't have to ride my bike) or let me crash in their spare room. They were like family to me.

I met up with them once back in 2008 when they lived in New Jersey. In fact, I was at their house the night before I got engaged. Their boys were so little back then, and now, they are almost taller than me. Not that that is very hard to do. :)

While they were in SLC, we met up for an afternoon. It was lots of fun catching up and even more fun to see them being so cute with Blake. They kept fighting over who could hold his bottle, or hold him, or push him in the stroller. Man, I love that family!

And yes, LIFE IS GOOD!

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