a brief commercial interruption

I'll take a little break from all the catch-up posts of our last little while, for just a brief interruption.

It's a Saturday night. Date nights (as defined by going out of the house) are rare these days. Not that I'm complaining. Having Blake around makes everything more fun, but sometimes it's nice to have a little time with just the two of us.

We put him down to bed a little later tonight since we were at stake conference. And tonight, just like every night when Blake gets overly tired, he gets delirious, just like me. He will laugh at himself and make weird noises. It is so adorable and a highlight for us each evening. It is better than any movie we've seen lately. And then he finally quiets down and falls fast asleep. 

But then comes the time when we, me + B get to hang out. We pick up the house, work on projects, sometimes if we are lucky play games or watch a movie, or just talk. I love the nights when our schedules allow us to get alone time, even if it just for an hour or two.

Tonight Brandon was working on some website projects and I was browsing online. I came across a site called La Photocabine. where you can create your own photobooth pictures. Fun, huh? So I called B over for a 5-minute date. And here we are.

It's a joy when we can escape moments of adulthood/parenthood/responsibility and  flash back to adolescent let's-get-our-pics-in-a-mall-photobooth days. Except for now, it's way better because I have my a boy with me, who happens to be my bestest friend. He makes life exciting (and can I mention fun to kiss?)

It's these silly moments that make life meaningful and recharge me for another day.

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