before & after: $20 living room spruce up

I love change. Especially when it comes to decorating. That is why my style is to keep things fairly neutral and add pops of colors so when I get tired of things, I can change the look easily. I've done things here and there to our living room, but I finally changed up the color scheme and finished it off.

It's fun to look back and see how much my tastes have changed over the years.
Our first living room in Provo looked like this:

Then when we moved, it looked like this: wow. it was drab.

Then when I needed a little color, it went to this: I went through an orange phrase.

Then to this: updated coffee table and desk, but lots of random colors.

And finally this: a little more continuity.
(and keep in mind, our house is never this clean on a daily basis. just keeping it real!)

I sold our coffee table for $35 and bought this one for $40. For another $15, I got the fabric for pillows, turquoise pillow, a can of spray paint, circle mirror, and a few picture frames. All of the fun for me comes from doing it cheaply. So even though it will never be featured in a magazine, that's okay because I didn't have a huge budget to work with. And knowing me, I'll probably change it again, especially since the holidays are coming up. 

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