blake {at 7 months}

I can't believe our little guy is 7 months already. He is in a really fun stage right now. He is still sweet, but is starting to show a feisty/bit-of-an-attitude side.

Things to Remember: 
-He has developed a fake cough and cry.
-He finally fell asleep on my shoulder this month. Once, but I'll take it. He hasn't done that since he was newborn. Usually he just wants to be swaddled and put in his crib.
-He makes loud and wet vibrations noises with his lips. He learned it from me. Got to watch what I teach him!
-He loves playing with his fingers.
-He will put anything in his reach into him mouth. His favorites are his toes.
-He is a side sleeper, but usually ends up on his tummy.
-He is on the brink of crawling. He has scooted a few inches, but ends up getting frustrated with himself. The funny thing is he will move a ton in his crib, but once he is on the floor, he won't roll around at all.
-His short, sporadic breaths and sounds tell us he is excited about something.
-So far he likes all the food he has tried: brown rice cereal, oatmeal, pears, applesauce, beans, carrots, prunes and sweet potatoes.
-He is so interested in food. He watches us eat every bite and opens his mouth as if to say he wants some. His eyes stay glued on me as I prepare his food and if I'm not quick enough, he'll get fussy.
-He continues to enjoy being in new surroundings.
-About 17 lbs.

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