blake {at 8 months}

This picture is so typical of Blake right now. He gets so focused on whatever is in front of him, that he forgets to smile. And see how he is pushing off the monkey? He is constantly pushing off whatever is near him. He wants to stand up so badly. He loves being held, but doesn't like to snuggle unless he is sick, which he had his first cold this last week that he is getting over. We love him so much! Life is so fun with him.

Things to Remember:
-He loves eating. He wants everything we eat. And he will try to put anything and everything into his mouth that he can.
-He has mastered crawling backwards.
-He loves to sit and watch himself in the mirror. Often, I'll find him laughing at himself in the mirror and then laughing because he's laughing.
-Just a few days ago he learned to sit after being in the polar bear position.
-He is on a great sleep schedule. He goes to bed around 7:30pm or 8, wakes up at 6 am to eat, then back to sleep until 8:30 or 9 am. Then he'll take a nap around 11 for an hour. He'll sleep again from 2-4ish, and then sometimes a little catnap after dinner. He loves to sleep. And we are not complaining.
-He loves sleeping on his side and loves having a soft blanket against his face when he falls asleep.
-He rolls around so much in his crib. He'll be in a completely different side of the bed by morning.
-He has a high-pitched scream. Good thing he is a baby and can get away with sounding like a girl.
-He is just over 17 lbs, according to our scale.
-He loves touching Brandon's hair.
-His Vitamin D drops are like a treat to him. Our routine is to give them to him after he has been put down for bed. As soon as he sees them coming, he spits out the binki and slurps the Vitamin D right up.
-He is afraid of the vacuum. I put him in the Bjorn to help me or have Brandon take him in the other room.

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  1. Hi Mel, there is a small mistake on month 1 and 3.
    Blake is so adorable.


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