it's my party

I felt so spoiled this year on my birthday! It was one of my all-time favorites. Brandon got to work from home, and he took upon himself all the diapers, dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc. It was heavenly and so relaxing. That would have been enough of a birthday present in and of itself. But of course, he still surprised me some 4th of July paper plates, my favorite cookies, and a watch. (Maybe a hint I should start being on time? :)

During one of Blake's naps, I got to sneak away and work out at the gym and hit up the Saver's 50% off sale. Love that store, Savers. 

Brandon made me this delicious breakfast birthday bundt and as we ate it on our back porch overlooking Mt. Olympus, I felt a little bit like we were on the veranda in my favorite little Swiss town of Davos. 

^^Blake just wanted to dig right in, but his silly mama has to take pictures of everything. At least she had the excuse of her birthday. ^^

We went swimming and hit up the mall (which we never go to) and then made it back in time for a SURPRISE visit from my best friend Andrea and her cute family of boys. They joined us for dinner and a backyard movie. Well, mostly her boys were the only ones that watched it while the guys played games and we talked, but it was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a more fun day.

^^Having sparklers as my birthday candles is just about my favorite thing ever. My festive husband started that tradition a few years ago and it has stuck around ever since. ^^

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  1. Love it!! Such thoughtfulness from Brandon. Happy birthday Mel!


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