marsh lake, part 1

Earlier in August, we got to go to Marsh Lake. This is the campground we have gone to every summer since I can remember.  We haven't made it up there with everyone for 8 years, so we were especially excited to be there with Sherol & Bob, all of my married siblings and Dad, and Juli and her family. It is always the most relaxing trip of all. And we learned that all Blake needs to be happy is dirt, rocks, and cousins.

We were a little ahead of the group and Blake was getting stir-crazy in the car, so we stopped at the famous Benedict's (aka last point of civilization) to kill some time. He also got his first car shopping cart ride. And then we were off to the mountains!

These photos won't have any specific order, but since I know I took way too many, I'll break it up in a few posts.

^Brandon printed off all the camping themed Calvin and Hobbes. We left them on the table all week long. ^


Let's reminisce about the food first, shall we? It's a little  lot disgusting thinking about how much food we ate up there, but food tastes so much better in the mountains. Doesn't it? At least it's only once a year. We set up a full-blown kitchen, take turns cooking, and spend a lot of time hanging out in the eating area. Uncle Bob's and my dad's dutch oven food was heavenly. And the campfire treats, mollicks, and larger-than-life brunches. Yum. 

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