the san juan islands, the end.


Roche Harbor is the ritzy end of the island, so we fit right in. Haha. I think we were about the only one with a stroller and baby in sight. We didn't let that stop us from touring a yacht for sale for just $3.2 million. Wowee! It was a  beautiful harbor though and fun to see all of the boats and quaint houses. 


The receptionist at Discovery Inn told us about a man who every Friday at 4:30 pm throws chicken legs out in a field and the Bald Eagles will come to eat them. We planned it just right to be there to watch this off-the-beaten-path attraction. There were a handful of others watching, which could explain why it took the eagles a loooong time to make their appearance. We stuck around and finally caught them swoop down and fly away. It was neat to see them in their natural setting, as opposed to a zoo or bird show. 

the chicken-leg thrower himself
and this was where we saw them. for future reference. 

can you spot the eagles in the trees waiting to strike? 
look close!


A battle between America and English happened on San Juan Island, over a pig. Can you believe it? The English Camp (where the England resided until resolutions were made) was on our way home, so we stopped for a short time and marveled at beautiful garden and calmness there. 


After a ferry ride to Anacortes, bus ride to the airport, and flight, we made it home safe. We keep talking about the memories we made and how it was one of our all-time favorite destinations. Not to mention a memorable fun last fling with just us three. Blake was such a good traveler and I loved being with my boys 24/7. And out of the hot Utah sun. It was perfect. 

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  1. So fun! I'm currently trying to plan a long weekend trip for Mitch & I this fall. I've loved reading about your trip, it's given me some fun ideas. I think we may even try to stay at the same hotel (b/c your right, they are really pricey on the islands!).

    Also, I love seeing pictures of you & your family. You are so beautiful & look so good pregnant!


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