the san juan islands, part 2


The inter-island ferry is free, so we decided to take advantage of that and visit Orcas Island. The culture of the islands is much more laid back, and consequently, the ferries don't always run on time. So we waited and waited for the ferry to take us there. By the time we got to Orcas, it was too late to catch the shuttle to Moran State Park. As we were trying to decide how to spend our time, we walked to a rental car shop just a few blocks from the ferry. We were looking into prices, when a couple overheard us and said they were in our same boat, literally. They had also wanted to visit the state park and asked if we would like to split a rental car with them. Kind of crazy, but we did. They were the sweetest older couple, pig farmers from Iowa. It happened to be one of our highlights from the trip.

We drove with them around the island to Moran State Park and up to the top of Mt. Constitution. The view up there was one of the most, if not the most, beautiful views we have ever seen. The rich colors of the water, pine trees, and view of the snow-capped Mt. Baker in the distance was incredible. 

Tom and Bev, our new friends

We sailed back to Friday Harbor and then picked up a rental car for more adventures on San Juan Island. We quickly learned that our plan to use the shuttle was going to take too much time and waiting around. And it was the best decision we made on the trip. It let us have the freedom to see everything on the island we wanted to, at our own pace. More on that on the next post. 

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