back to the roots

Time's a ticking. And that's why I'm trying to squeeze in as many outings as I can with the Blakester. He has been my best little sidekick these past 19 months. While I'm so excited to meet this baby, I'm a bit sad that my alone time with Blake will be far less frequent. We've had lots of fun times together.

Now that it's cooler and bearable to be outside again, we took a trip to Wheeler Farm. It must be my farm blood in me that makes me a sucker for all things farm. He was much more into it this year than last. Although, the sticks and rocks were by far his favorite compared to the animals. And each time a tractor drove by, he would wave and say, "ha-wo". This is a big step for him since he isn't much of a talker yet. Babbler yes. Talker no.



  1. i loved hearing his little "ha-wo" on the phone today. he is the cutest ever! so wish i was coming out to see him soon. love you guys!

  2. Not only did you lug your pregnant self and your toddler out to Wheeler Farm, but you both looked adorable doing it! Cute pics! Miss you both!


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