birthdays all around!

Today is Brandon's 1/2 Birthday. We didn't do a big celebration, except that since he worked from home, I made his favorite brown sugar muffins for breakfast and put 1/2 of a birthday cake on the top and made him blow out a candle. Oh, the things he puts up with! 

In all honesty, I really just wanted to let him know how much I appreciate him. We've been on an emotional roller coaster this past week.  A mini trial, I guess you could say. We're not sure how everything is going to work out, but I do know that having him right by my side makes it bearable. I'm grateful that he will listen to my worries, wipe away my tears, and help out with household duties. And he is one awesome dad. Seeing the way him and Blake interact together melts my momma heart. 

Speaking of birthdays, we got to celebrate his Dad's birthday over the weekend. We met up at the indoor playground at City Creek (so awesome!) and had a great time with everyone. I think this photo of the 3 generations is just awesome. Long live the Sunday name!


  1. You do the cutest things for b-days/holidays!

    Hope things go well sooner rather than later w/whatever you're dealing with! Hugs <3


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