choosing her name

Evelyn was never on our top list of girl names. We were so set on it being a boy that we really hadn't give much thought to a girl name, although we had 3 favorites. While she was getting taken care of quickly after she was born, Brandon gazed into her little face and came back to me and said, "I don't think she is a ___ or ___ (referring to 2 of our favorites.)" 

We lucked out and get about 10 minutes completely alone in our room after all the nurses had left. We said a prayer of gratitude that her and me were both okay. And we asked that we would be able to choose a name that would fit her. 

Not more than a few minutes after that prayer, the name Evelyn came to mind. As soon as I said, "Brandon, what about Evelyn?" there was that warm, tingling feeling of the Spirit that came over us. It wasn't completely decided, but it felt right.  

We got settled into our room that first night. I was so grateful that Brandon got to stay there with us (thanks to his sister who watched Blake). He had fallen asleep on that most comfortable couch-bed and I was snuggling with baby girl. I never can sleep well that first night. I have too much adrenaline and excitement to sleep! 

With her cuddled in my arms, I kept thinking about her name. Should it be Evelyn or one of the others we had liked the entire pregnancy? Evelyn was never on our top 3 list, although it was a name I had always liked, but had forgotten about. I looked up the meaning and as soon as I saw what it meant, I knew Evelyn had to be her name. 

Evelyn means LIFE.  So of course it was a perfect fit.  The last few weeks leading up to her birth taught us to be more grateful for life than we ever have. And then having the little scare after she was born, again reminded us that life is so fragile and precious and we must never take life for granted. 

Our little Evelyn will forever be our reminder of life and the precious gift that life is. 

Additionally, Brandon and I both have Evelyns in our family lines, who we are excited to learn more about. Lastly, Evelyn was way more active in the womb than Blake ever was. I think she's going to be the life of the party. We can already see her fiesty, full-of-life personality. 

Evelyn Sunday. We love you so much already. 


  1. Super sweet! She's going to love hearing this story all her LIFE!

  2. So sweet. It's so interesting to me how important names are. I kind of had a similar experience with my Lydia. I love it, and in a way, I think it's kind of exciting! It's so fun to think about watching their lives and coming to see the significance of their particular name! She is beautiful Melissa! I hope you are all doing well and adjusting!

  3. Such a sweet, sweet little girl. LOVE her name. (It was on our list actually. And still might be a contender. hah!)


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