evelyn's newborn photos

Okay, so technically these photos were taken when Evelyn was 11 days old, but still. I will always cherish them. She didn't want to sleep, but she was very well-mannered and didn't make a peep. She just wanted to be there with us, as the photographer put it so well.

I am so in love with all of her features --her luscious eyelashes (I am jealous!), her tiny toes, her little ears, her dark hair, and oh, her soft, soft skin.

I'll be honest. Even though we were in newborn heaven, the first few weeks were rough. We both despised nursing time. It wasn't enjoyable for either of us. But today at 3 weeks, I finally feel like we have made so much progress and now we are both starting to look forward to it more.  She is becoming less of a night owl, too! So slowly and surely we are getting this all figured out. I still can't believe we have a girl. She is such a perfect addition to our family.


  1. Glad things are improving slowly but surely. I love Love LOVE these pictures! Wish so bad I could squeeze that cute girl in person!

  2. She is so precious! It's such an adjustment to add a new little person to a family, that is totally normal! I'm glad that things are settling down a little bit for you now! You will LOVE watching her grow and then LOVE watching her and Blake interact. That is the best!!!


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