blake's red tricycle

Blake got a tricycle from Santa. Santa found it for a mere $6 at Savers and he took it back to his workshop to give it a nice shiny coat of red paint before bringing it back to him on Christmas morning. We've kept it inside until now so he could ride it around the house, but this week we were all needing to get out. Blake has had a never-ending cold and cough, so I've tried to keep him in. But, this week we've been all going stir-crazy and consequently a little blah. We finally bundled up and went outside for a little while. He is just shy of reaching the pedals all the way, but it is the cutest thing to see him try with all his might.

^^he spotted an airplane and watched it fly all the way by.^^
^^ stopped for snow. he loves the stuff. apparently it was a little too cold! ^^

1 comment:

  1. Glad we are not the only Santas who get our gifts second hand and cleaned up. I always think at some point in a cold you have to go outside and just let the sun cook all the germs out of you. It is one of the best cures in my book.


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