love day 2014

I know I always say this about every holiday, but I forget how much I love Valentine's Day. I love decorating with pinks and reds (although it was very lowkey this year since we still don't have many places to put decor yet.) I love the sugar cookies, the candy, sending cards, and making valentines. It's just such a fun excuse to celebrate love for everyone the few weeks leading up to Valentine's Day.

This year, we did a Valentines Countdown. For FHE before February, we came up with 14 ways we could show love to others and did one each day. This was a favorite we will be repeating next year.

It was my turn planning Valentine's Day this year. I had everything planned, then we heard some family was going to be in town so I moved our special dinner up to Thursday. I had so much fun planning the menu and decorating for it. This may seem like so much work and just a stress to others, but to me, it's fun and so I do it.

^^ The menu: Cajun Chicken Pasta, Heart Garlic Toast, Grilled Asparagus, Love Punch 
My parents growing up always gave us a little surprise on Valentine's Day. So I started this with our family. Evelyn got a little rattle, Blake got a little book, and Brandon got a new wedding ring. He lost his months ago and we thought we would find it when we moved, but we never did. I went back to the jeweler where we got his and were able to get a new one almost identical to his original. And they didn't charge me a thing. Score! I was so excited to married again :) and Brandon was super surprised to open a new ring. 

Real Valentine's Day started out by making my loves some heart egg-toast and bacon. A treat since we never have bacon!

I made a festive lunch for Blake. He thought was it was the greatest thing.

I love how Brandon always find the best, unique flowers. I'm not a rose-kind-of-girl.

Turns out the Taylors were all sick, so our plans with them for the evening were cancelled. My dad had called earlier that afternoon and offered to babysit for us, but instead, we decided to have him over for heart pizza and to stay home with him and our kids. Our Love Jar was full and we enjoyed reading all each other's notes. It was a perfect way to end a festive day!

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