Snapshot Sunday

Another week has come and gone. Here are a few of the random happenings this week and a few old ones I found while cleaning up my camera card.

^^Blake insists on sharing with his baby sister. And poor E is bald as can be! 

^^Sometimes we find Blake in his dumptruck.  

^^And other times we find it full of all his treasures in random places in the house. 

^^No more sippy cups for Blake. He wants to be like us. 

^^visiting Brandon's grandparents, Lou and Emory Levy one Sunday afternoon

^^Containing a stray cat that got in our house twice! Animal control finally got it! 

^^We braved taking both kids to their first BYU basketball game last night. They did well, except the ride home.

^^ A little crafting I did for our RS activity this past week. 

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