evelyn {at 5 months}

Evelyn, Listen up, little girl! You must stop growing up so quickly.

Things to Remember: 
- She is always sticking or sucking on her fingers. As many as she can get in her mouth!
- Lately she has loved sleeping on her side.
-She still sleeps swaddled.
-Very content at baths now. She used to hate them!
-I don't think she is going to love sleep quite as much as Blake does. Sometimes she will just wake up in the night and babble.
-She is rather content though if she isn't hungry. When I go into her room in the morning, she is usually wide awake, but not making a peep.
-She would watch TV all day if we let her. She loves the sounds and lights from it.
-She loves having people around her. She loves being with us.
-She has chunky legs and I love them.
-I just want to eat her. I absolutely love this stage.
-She loves tummy time, but still doesn't roll over often.
-She loves lifting her head up and doing 'crunches'


  1. Those chunky little rolls are killing me! Can't believe how fast she's growing and that I haven't even met her in person yet! Tell her to SLOW down!

  2. She is seriously a doll. Your little family is so adorable.


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