snapshot sunday

A few Sundays ago, I woke up with terrible knee pain. I couldn't bend. stand, or walk on it. It was so bad that I missed church and went to Instacare to figure out what was going on. 

They gave me a brace and told me to go to a specialist. Brandon insisted that he take a picture of me and the hot shorts I had to wear while they checked it out.

I received a blessing that it would heal quickly and I would be able to do what I needed to. That was reassuring since I was worried about how I would do stairs, carry children, and get anything done if I couldn't walk.

2 weeks later, my knee is completely back to normal. Such a blessing. I'm also grateful to my dad, Brandon's mom, and his sister Jess who helped with Blake and Evelyn and did grocery shopping for me and a kind lady down the street who brought us a meal.

This week it was nice enough weather to have our first backyard picnic! We stayed outside nearly all day long.

And once the children were napping, I was able to do a quick spray-paint project. We have this awesome on-line yard sale group in this area and all day long people are posting new things. One night, a lady posted a free dresser. Well, I love a good deal, so I picked up the dresser the next day.

Wicker isn't really my favorite, but you can't beat free. It's perfect for Evelyn's room right now.

I love making our house more of a home. Slowly and surely.

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