california | the most fun wedding ever!

10 Reasons this was the most fun wedding reception ever (besides ours, of course!)

1. A cocktail party before the dinner started. Yummy appetizers and mingling.
2. The color scheme. Navy, white, and coral. Beautiful. Classy but fun.
3. Location. Overlooking the coast with a lighthouse. Can't get a better location.
4. Hanging out with cousins who we don't get to see often. I love these cousins! Congrats Becky and Rodolfo!
5. Dance party! We stayed until 11 and our kids did pretty great. Evelyn fell asleep on me in the Bjorn but Blake danced the night away with us. We need to have dance parties more often.
6. The details.
7. Pie buffet for dessert.
8. Twinkle lights.
9. Aunt Karen. She is like a 2nd mom. Being around her makes me feel like my mom was too. She is so fun and I always learn a lot from her.
10. Getting a low tire and having to stop in downtown Long Beach at 11:30 pm to find air. The contrast of Brandon in his white shirt and tie against the rough and tough made me pray really hard we wouldn't get mugged or anything. Oh wait, I think this should be on a different list. Not fun, but memorable. Can't go to Cali without some kind of car trouble. Like the time we caused a traffic jam in downtown Hollywood. Story for another day.

Back to the wedding.


  1. that was so fun! and great seeing you guys! when you get a chance, i'd love to peruse all the photos from that day!

  2. Oh, I love you! Thanks for coming, the post and the pictures! Rodolfo kept saying it was so awesome that you were just out there having a blast all while holding a kid or two. You guys helped bring the party! Dance party next time we're all in Utah!


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