fun at the fair. and being brave.

The fair! We  made an appearance a few times since we live so close. More than the fun colors and rodeo and animals, what made me the happiest about the fair was watching Blake be brave. He's timid when it comes to new things, so we've had a lot of lessons about being brave. We've tried to teach him that even when he is scared, he can be brave and Heavenly Father will help him. 

I could just see him tense up as we waited in line for the free pony rides. I knelt down and told him he could be brave and try it and I would hold his hand. He finally warmed up to the idea and not only rode, but LOVED it! 

In fact, we went back a 2nd time and he told us he wanted to do it all by himself. I'm really loving this stage he's in and watching him figure new things out.  Go Blake! We are proud of you for being brave. 

^Blake and Ty. Not sure what their expressions mean, but it's the only one I got of them together. 

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