marsh lake 2014, part 1

Last week we braved the mountains with our two little ones for our annual extended family camping trip to Marsh Lake in the high Uintahs. My family has been going here every year (with exception to a few years due to no water) and it is practically the perfect vacation.

What I love about it is that there is no cell phone service. So we are truly away from distractions. And since everything is within walking distance from our campsite, everyone is free to fish, hike, walk, play games, eat, etc whenever they please. It's so relaxing. (Of course, relaxing takes a different meaning now that we are the parents, but still.)

Blake slept a lot better than last year and Evelyn did pretty well. We ended up bringing her into our bed part way through the night, but we all survived. It also rained on and off, but it didn't stop us from still hiking, going on walks, having a treasure hunt, music time, gourmet meals, skits, a pinata and fun.

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