a year of Evelyn

Life caught up with me and I wasn't great about doing photo comparisons each month. But, I did try and take a photo every day on the 8th to see how much she changed. I forgot all about her bald stage and how she loved to do baby crunches. And how she was moving too much to get one of her sitting still for 12 months. My, how much joy she has brought to our family. 

At one year, Evelyn: 
-loves food: bananas, noodles, chicken, pancakes, fruit, tomatoes, string cheese, turkey
-waving bye
-sleeping from 7:30 am to 6:30 or 7 each morning
-taking 2 naps
-has no interest in standing up
-adores being around Blake
-fell asleep on Brandon at church today (she never does that!)
-loves reading books
-loves playing with cars, trains, stuffed animals, and will find the tiniest crumb on the floor
-can find my phone in a room in 2 seconds. tries to talk and play with it. 
-claps and laughs so cutely
-wearing 9-12 month clothing
-such a petite thing! (measurements to come after her check-up)

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