this is halloween 2014

I was planning on making a festive breakfast for Halloween, but everyone wanted Cheerios, so Cheerios was what they got. 

This lady in our ward hosts a free "Halloween Tots of Shots" every year and so we got all dressed up and got some pictures in the afternoon. I was feeling guilty for not having a more "fun" costume for Blake. Sure, when the 4 of us were together, his costume worked, but I should have taken clue when I heard "What is Blake?" that I should have had a more fun costume for him. Anyways, I decided at the last minute to dress him up as the man in the yellow hat from Curious George. And he LOVED it. He carried George around all afternoon and was being so cute with it. 

I found Evelyn's costume for $1 at a thrift store a few months ago and after a little altering, she looked like a doll. I made her headband out of a feather boa and ribbon. Simplest costume ever. 

Our friends from Holladay invited us down for homemade pizza and trick-or-treating. We figured this would be the last year we could get away with not trick-or-treating a ton. Brandon set up a nice gig to still hand out candy while we were away. And the monitor was just for show, but it totally worked. We came home to half a bowl of candy. 

We ended up spending the night and had lots of fun staying up late after our kids were asleep watching a movie and talking. 

We got to visit a few old neighborhood friends including Don Kirk, our 101 year old friend. We used to sit by him every Sunday in Sacrament Meeting and became good friends with him. He is an inspiration. He was so funny and said, "If I live 9 more years, I'll be the oldest person in Utah." 

^scones with the Cones--the Gunns 
^visting Connie. She gives away balloons

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  1. So fun! Your kids are so adorable! I love Blake as the Man in the Yellow Hat.


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