christmasy things captured from my phone

 painting ornaments at my friend's new art studio

We as a RS Presidency were in charge of our Christmas dinner. I was hesitant about how it would all come together since we all have such different ideas, but it was nice. Our theme was "The Best Gifts." My little sidekicks were great helpers as we got ready for it. 

a pizza party in the family room for 2nd advent as we watched the Christmas Devotional 

mailing letters to Santa 

Brandon and I went on date to see Hollie and Sarah's production (that they wrote the music and words for--amazing!) called "I am He." It was my favorite Christmas activity of the season. 

The Layton Light Display -- probably Blake's favorite activity 

My sister had the idea to do a King cousin ornament exchange. I picked up these wooden gingerbread men at a thrift store for super cheap a few months ago. So they were perfect for our ornaments to the cousins. Blake picked out each color and painted them by himself. I helped him glue the buttons on. It was fun shipping them off and also getting some in the mail. 

We attended a live musical nativity at Liberty Park with the Joneses. It was "so freezing" as Blake would say, but once we got in and moving from each station, we warmed right up. It exceeded my expectations (they even had live camels) and was a good reminder of the real meaning of the season.  This was our shepherd guide. 

Our stake had a nativity display with nativities from around the world. 

 Me and Brandon on the fun bus to Wendover. His company chartered a bus to Wendover for their Christmas party (dinner and a concert and night away). We thought it would be a nice little free getaway sans kids, but it was terrible. The food was awful, we both got sick, and it was everything but Christmasy. We were excited to get back home to our kids and the Christmas season. 

sleeping out by the tree on Dec. 23rd

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