blake is 3! how can that be?

I still remember that February 18th day so vividly. I had been at the hospital since 1 am and was just waiting and wondering when this little babe of mine would show up. Finally at 6:15 pm, HE was born--surprising us that a boy would be starting our family off. 

I just recall those first few days being so heavenly. Yes, heaven was definitely close. Between being exhausted and elated, I loved that Blake was the center of our world. I loved that time stopped for us and we got to relish in those precious moments until life picked up again. 

At 3, Blake loves: cars, trains, airplanes, soccer, basketball, candy, chocolate, chocolate milk, "Incwedbles" (Incredibles), The Gruffalo, feeding the horses, playing with friends and cousins. He is in a big boy bed now and for the most part, does pretty well. He's been binki free since the new year. Not that he wouldn't still love to have it, but I'm proud of him and very happy that he still takes naps without one. We attempted potty training and did awesome for a few days. But with cousins and holidays, we need to get back into it. 

Today started off with a big bubble bath. We played hookie from preschool. I just wanted him to myself! We escaped to the mountains and threw rocks and fed ducks. We got to have lunch with dad. We took a family bike ride to get some essential ice cream for cake and then had Grandma and Grandpa Sunday and Halle and Sawyer over for dessert. He got really excited for the soccer ball that from them that is just his size. 

I found this practically new Kazam bike at Savers 2 years ago for $6. I have been saving it ever since and now that he's big enough, a birthday bike it was! He rode around the house all day. 

^this is typical Blake right now. He hates wearing pants and would live in PJs if I let him. It's his birthday so I let him go with it today. 

he wanted a snake cake all thanks to The Gruffalo. 

Hudson left the day before his birthday, but brought him a gift before he left. They are best buds! 
We sure love our Blakester! 

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  1. The cake looks amazing, can't believe that bike find, and I just love that pants-less boy of yours! Happy Birthday Blake!!


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