children's prayers

One of the best parts of my day lately is when we gather in one of the children's rooms for goodnight prayers. We let Evelyn and Blake each say their own. I get so excited to hear what each of them will say.

Of course, Evelyn is too young to formulate her own thoughts, so Brandon and I will help her and she will repeat each word, one by one. Her little voice is so cute and she is beginning to be able to fill in some of the blanks.

Blake's prayers are so genuine and real and I hope he will always remember to say what is in his heart. We have taught him a good framework and sometimes help him out, but for the most part, we let him say whatever is in his little heart. And that's when I get an awesome glimpse into his sweet heart. He will say how he's grateful for a wall and point to one. I have never prayed for a wall, but isn't it a  blessing that we have them? He will pray for his cousins and friends and people in our ward who he has heard Brandon and I pray for. He will ask for all of us to sleep well and to not be scared.

I could listen to him pray over and over. I hope my children will always remember that prayer works and can pray for anything!

*photo taken for @scripturelight on Instagram

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