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October 23 was a beautiful Fall day. A slight chill in the air, but sunny and blue skies. A perfect day for Hollie and Seth's wedding. It was a whirlwind and busy day with the sealing in the morning, then a luncheon, and then a reception. We're sad that traffic was so bad and we weren't able to get more photos with Hollie and Seth. We're just glad they made it!

Brandon will tell you he's glad to have the wedding over so that he has wife back. :) I'm grateful for all of his support as we've been trying to put all the details together for this over the last few months. Weddings are a lot of work and stress. But it all came together well and hopefully it will be a day that was perfect to Hollie and Seth because that's what matters.

A few of my favorite parts of the day were: 1. Being in the Salt Lake Temple with my dad and every sibling. We've never all been inside together at one time. And it was a slight miracle that it worked out that way since Justin realized he had left his recommend in a different pair of pants. The temple workers were not able to delay the sealing for him, but the sealer had lots to say to Hollie and Seth and Justin literally made it inside right before they were sealed. It was a glimpse of heaven being there with everyone. It made me realize how sad it would be to not have someone in my family make it to the Celestial Kingdom after this life. I hope I can always do my part to make sure the people I love can be there together after this life.

2. I loved the dance party! I so wish we would have had a dance party at our wedding.

3. My kids were troopers. They both got a little cat nap in the car, but that was it. Blake and I had a stomach bug that kept us from enjoying the food of the day and from feeling super great, but overall I could not have asked them to be more helpful and patient. And now the baby can really come! Hear that little one? :)

^best friend cousins doing a cheer all by themselves. 

^ "If you touch the temple, the temple will touch you." 

^these 2 are single. just saying. 

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