october little things

I can't believe October is almost over! It flew by! Here's some little moments I captured on my phone I don't want to forget about: 

^ morning stories and snuggles with Dad

^pre-wedding pedicures with the sisters 

^ gearing up for Halloween 

^General Conference really hit me hard this time. I'm so grateful for living prophets and church leaders. 

^celebrating 100,000 miles in our Pilot! 

^eating 100 Grand on top of the Car at the base of Farmington Canyon where our car hit 100k miles. 

^Brandon planned a fun date night to see this dinner theater show. 

^Spent a Saturday morning at the Paul Moore Foundation event. Brandon ran the 5k and then we had lots of fun with the bounce hounces and food trucks afterwards 

^beautiful Fall weather and lots of cousin time 

^Huds and Blake were so good as we ran a million errands for the wedding

^hosting some Fall themed preschools at our house 

^Pumpkin waffles for dinner

^Em put together a festive King family Halloween dinner for us 

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