christmas eve

Christmas Eve was spectacular. I made it a goal 2 years ago to never go shopping on Christmas Eve again (after it practically ruining ours a few years ago) and I'm happy to report I've kept it up. It's made all the difference.

We started the day with a brunch at our house. This was a last minute gathering as we heard the Thompsons were coming into town. It's been a while since we've seen them and are glad that so many others could come, too. As the cousins were running through the house having a fun time together and all the adults were gathered around the table laughing, I couldn't help but feel so happy realizing that this is what the holidays are about.  

Then we took a family afternoon nap before going to my dad's for Christmas Eve dinner. Sarah was in charge this year and planned a really fun Bethlehem dinner. We all threw on some costumes and ate sitting on the floor in the family room. The menu was simple: chicken and pepper kebabs, oranges, pomegranates, bread (that we broke with our hands) and lentil soup. Blake and Evelyn were adorable shepherds and Oliver of course, was the perfect baby Jesus laying in the manger. 

After dinner, we played a Christmas trivia game, and then opened up one gift from my dad which were PJs for all of us and a new map for Brandon since his other one got ruined. Brandon himself got the honor of writing the letter the Santa this year and then per tradition, we burned it and threw it out on the snow for Santa to put together. Then it was off to our house to get into bed for Santa to come! 

^My dad did a good job picking out PJs. I've never had a matching set so I felt very spoiled. And the kids love their soft, footie jammies. 

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