Oliver's blessing

Today was a big day for our family. Oliver Ellis was blessed and Blake went to primary for the first time. After church, we had family and neighbors over for a dinner to celebrate this special little boy in our family. We are grateful for all the support we have!

I was overcome today thinking about how great God's plan is for us as individuals. Never did I think that 2015 would bring us a new baby, but as Brandon mentioned in Oliver's blessing, he has healed hearts, mine being the biggest one. He has a special role to play as a peacemaker and I have already seen that in the few months he has been with us. A lesson I have to keep learning is to trust in God's plan, for he always makes more out of our lives than we can. How grateful I am for the gospel, the plan of happiness that families are forever, and for the priesthood. Today was just one of those sweet days that make my mama heart happy.



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  1. What a wonderful family you have. Glad it was such a special day.


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