puerto rico: the adventures

A huge perk of this trip was that everything was included, included our adventures. In addition to going into Old San Juan, we chose ziplining through the rainforest and doing a BioBay kayak tour at night. We both had never gone ziplining before so it was really fun trying something new together. The scariest part was climbing up this huge tree ladder to get to the first station. But once that first one was underway and knew what we were doing, it was a blast. It was so fun gliding through trees, over ponds, past giant iguanas and over the top of the rainforest.

^ i used to love pigs, so this was for my family. 

Our bio bay kayak adventure was disappointing. The first part was exhilarating. We started out in the bay and kayaked through the jungle. We felt like we were in the jungle cruise at Disneyland, only it was the real thing!  It was dark so the only thing we could see was the glowstick on the kayak in front of us. That part was so cool. As soon as we got into the bio bay, we were supposed to be able to see these luminescent micro-organisms light up the water. But, due to a full moon, we could hardly see them. Bummer. But I loved doing something adventurous with this guy.

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