The Evolution of Eggs

Remember how we bought 6 dozen eggs last week because they were r e a l l y cheap?
We dyed every single one of them for Easter this year. Well, except the ones that Brandon hard-boiled. He said he didn't want flecks of color in his deviled eggs. I'm just so glad he would color eggs with me. Dyeing eggs have got to be one of the best things about Spring.

It started off with just plain colors.


Then we tried the white crayon technique.

But the grand prize goes to Brandon's flower scene. Isn't it awesome?


  1. Totally adorable! I didn't color eggs this year and really wanted too... perhaps there is still a chance for me?
    Glad your Easter/Anniversary were FABULOUS! :)

  2. wow nicely done! I am glad you got to dye all those eggs :)


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