We're Thankful for: Our Ward

We have loved our ward from the moment we moved in. They throw parties like nobody's business and everyone is so friendly and nice. A few weeks ago at the Halloween carnival (which was Amazing!), some of the ladies came up and asked, "How are you doing?" I later find out that that they were referring to me being pregnant because they weren't quite sure if I was or not. I found it kind of funny because I definitely cannot hide it these days. But perhaps the best story is how the first lady in our ward found out. She saw a pregnancy book I had on hold next to hers at the library. I'll have to remember to be careful what I reserve at the library in the future!

Here are a few pics of the carnival. They don't do justice, but this is the best I could get.

Me and Lulu...one of our primary kids. We love the youth but miss our primary class!


  1. Alright, that is hysterical! I want to know who the library book lady was. Soooo soo funny! This makes me miss everyone so much!

  2. wow-that is quite the party!!

    Hilarious how everyone knows everyone out there--somehow ;)


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