last week of work.

I can’t believe this is my last week of work. Bittersweet I tell you.
I have LOVED my job and am sad to leave all of my awesome coworkers and fun job responsibilities.
But that means it is one week closer to meeting this baby. And that makes me so happy.

Things to remember:
-planning one awesome holiday party
-heading up the Christmas Toy drive
-organizing holiday pot lucks
-walks along the river
-Temple trips after work
-Target runs on my lunch break
-the nice things my co-workers have done like
                -giving me rides home when we were down to one car
                -sharing good car deals when we were looking (glad that is over!)
                - trying to feed me lots of chocolate because it was “good for the baby”
                -leaving my favorite soup at my desk one day
-playing counselor to many employees. You would be amazed at how open people have been just because I’m HR. I kind of love it.

Things I’ll miss:
-having a reason to put on heels and get ready each day
-an extra paycheck
-helping people and being in the know with what is going on the company
-event planning

Things I’m looking forward to:
-staying in PJs occasionally
-hanging out with the baby
-having time to cook, craft, and thrift again
-being able to chat with sisters and friends more often


  1. on your "things I'm looking forward to.." list you forgot to mention chat with me on the phone and let baby s skype with baby kej...don't tell me those are not things to be excited about?!

  2. Ha! I was going to say almost the exact same thing as Em!


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