lots of visitors for baby blake

As soon as we let our families know we were at the hospital, they were anxious to finally meet the baby. I'm afraid we worried a lot of them since it took us nearly 24 hours after we got there to have Blake and let them know everything was okay.Grandpa King came just a few hours after he was born and then we had more of our families come on Sunday afternoon. Having visitors meet Blake for the first time was so special! He is one lucky boy.

Grandpa King
Grandpa Sunday
Aunt Rachel
Aunt Nicole + cousin who will be born in May
Aunt Hollie

Emme. Katie. Charlie and Justin

Emme is one proud cousin
Blake's great aunt, Marilyn
The Salmons were sick so they came to visit when Blake was 4 days old.
And somehow we didn't get a pic of Grandma Sunday at the hospital, but she was there, too!

1 comment:

  1. SO cute!!! COngrats!!!

    In that last pic, Blake looks a LOT like Brandon. Adorable


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