love week: i love my job

I had my last day of work. I'll be honest. I cried when I said goodbye.
It has been the best job I've had. I have loved my boss and all the things I've been able to learn and do.
I think it will definitely be an adjustment being at home, but I'm excited for the change.
last day dressing up and "loving" my chubby face.
i love that all my co-workers made guesses


  1. okay, for being 9 mo pregnant, you are TINY! Not fair

  2. oh and Kadi, my sister-in-law, said that after she washed those cloth diapers she realized they are not the ones she thought they were, at least if they are they aren't making them the same. ;(

  3. you are too cute!! and ps. you look great!

  4. You are SO adorable!! I love the cute baby belly :) You DO look amazing- wow! It's hard to leave great things--I bet those coworkers will miss you too :(

  5. You are D-A-R-L-I-N-G! One of the cutest pregnant girls I've ever seen! And thanks for stopping by. It was definitely one of the highlights of my week :)


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