my oh my! it's june already!

How is it already the 5th of June? The worst part of summer is that is goes way too fast. And when there are lots of fun things planned, it goes even quicker. 

Some things we are looking forward to this summer:
::Doing our first family race in Idaho. We won't be setting any records, but it will be fun to race again.
::My birthday! Summer birthdays are the best.
::4th of July. I think this is tied for my favorite holiday along with Easter.
::Les Mis at the Shakespearean festival.
::Family reunion to Star Valley/Jackson Hole. 
::Family reunion in Island Park/Yellowstone.
::Sarah coming home!
::And we are hoping to squeeze in a few overnight camping trips into the mix, (depending on Blake) and get-togethers with friends, especially these ones and these that we don't get to see often.  
::Plus, we can't forget doing one of our favorite things of sitting on the porch at night and eating popsicles or smoothies. 
::Oh, and our 4th anniversary! I'm off the hook planning this year. I can't wait since Brandon always does a better job than me. 

And since Blake is the center of our lives, I can't do a post without mentioning some things about him from lately. 

joining us for family dinner | wearing socks on his hands to keep him from scratching his face 
his terribly bald head | loves to look at books already


  1. We are excited to get together with you guys too. Utah summers are great!

  2. Blake's smile at dinner is just adorable! I love catching those moments when they are just being themselves with those that adore them.

  3. That picture of him at the dinner table is dang cute!! Miss you guys!

  4. And we can't wait to see you!! LOVE Blake's bald head and that you already have him reading the Ensign. ;) Man you're good parents!


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