the night we slept in a tent

We pitched our tent in the back yard for a practice run before we venture out into the wilderness for the real deal. All we have to do this year is make it 4 hours and it will be longer than our 3-hour camping trip from last year. The Blakester did pretty well. He woke up at 4 am to eat and then slept until 7. Brandon and I stayed up late playing one of our favorite games, Settlers of Catan by the light of the lantern. Being in a tent is so magical...even if it is in the backyard. And what would camping be without pancakes for breakfast? Well,  it just wouldn't be camping.


  1. We've been wanting to do the same thing but the weather has a different idea. What a fun night. And we too LOVE Settlers!

  2. You look a lot like your mother, and it is beautiful.

  3. camp a lot now while it is still fairly easy. It will get crowded soon- or everyone just wakes everyone else up.


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