random photos of life lately

It's a good thing I don't have an iPhone or I would be hooked to the all the nifty photo-ish things you can do with it. I waste  spend enough time as it is on electronic devices, that I don't want one more thing pulling for my attention. With that said, I do really love being able to capture a quick moment that would otherwise go undocumented. I was scrolling through the photos from B's iPhone and fell in love with all these random pics from the last little while. I'm going to try and do a better job posting these more regularly!

sick day | 2 month shots | a striped sleeper | working on websites 
lots of unmade beds | summer sandals | cute little toes | naps with mom
take me out to the ball game | ready to fish with grandpa | flag day baby legs


  1. i love your duvet cover. where did you get it? and you're right, sometimes the daily random shots tell us so much about our lives. :)
    happy friday!

    1. I got the duvet cover from Ike's last spring. They may still have it? I love Ike's duvet covers because they are inexpensive so it's easy to change them after a while. my spell checker changed the words. They are from ikea

  2. How do you format the photos from the iphone to make them side by side? Mine always go on top of each other and I like this look much better.


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